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The night was marked with comedic over tones provided by Jimmy Tobias, Joey Millwood, and Rick Beltram. 

Beltram began the night highlighting that Reese was not there by wearing a Krispy Kreme Hat and then passing out Dunkin Doughnut napkins.  Needless to say, that pissed a few people off, republicans and democrats.

Millwood took a shot at opponent Mark Chambers (who was not in attendance) stating:

I have debated my wife over seeing Reese Witherspoon Friday night, my dog for sitting on the couch, but never air.

Of course, in popular belief, the Spartanburg Herald had to take a shot at Millwood concerning the support he has received from SCRG.  Millwood responded with the following:

Conservatives get mad when big liberal organizations make contributions and liberals get mad when big conservative organizations make contributions…

I have one question though…Where was the Herald Journal when the NEA and large homosexual and abortion groups raided the state a few years back trying to stop the marriage bill that was before us?  No where.  Not one word about it.

A very valid point by Millwood.  The Herald Journal just did another article criticizing SCRG but failed to mention the money received by Harold Mitchell from out of state sources.

In the end though, Jimmy Tobias (D – Senate 13) stole the show.  His no holds bar to the issues provided relief to the mundane political speak.  There was no political correctness and he closed the night with:

We need brass balls!

About 200 people attended the event and each candidate did a fair job getting their positions across.  The biggest loser may have been the Media.


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  • rick beltram

    The local media (SHJ) has lost all of its credibility!
    Even their distribution is a big problem… my case, they have become a PM newspaper!