Shoot For Candidates – Update

October 17, 2008 by  
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The Conservativist has just learned of a few candidates that are making guest appearances other than those that were advertised at Donna Hicks “Shoot For Candidates”.

  1. Mark Hammond
  2. Andre Bauer
  3. Bob Conley

For those of you who don’t know, you can bring your shotguns to the Spartanburg Gun Club, donate $100 to the candidate of your choice and shoot skeet for the afternoon.  Make a trip down there and enjoy and cool afternoon of quail hunting practice, but please leave the lawyers out of your sites!

You are also welcome to visit the candidates and other attendees free of charge.

We will keep you posted with various updates throughout the day.  I would say that I was surprised to Conley on this list, but hell, he has been crashing various other GOP events during this campaign season.  He’s even managed to get two individuals kicked off the Greenville GOP Executive committee.

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  • Brian Frank

    Im not surprised that Bob Conley is on there! Its all about being a conservitive and Lindsey Graham is not that! Bob Conley is our only choice! I will be voting for BOB CONLEY on NOV 4th!

  • Eric Burke

    I’m glad to see Bob Conley is showing up. He is more conservative than most Republicans and has my vote for US Senate! Go Bob Go!!!


  • jj

    Elect Bob Conley and re-elect Jim DeMint!!

    All the rest VOTE against..All our SC official voted for the Wall Street Bail out except for Jim DeMint. He is our voice in Washington and Bob Conley will be too!!!