Mark Sanford and Spartanburg County Candidates

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Mark Sanford and Spartanburg County Candidates

Mark Sanford offers his words of support to the Spartanburg County Republicans seeking office on Nov. 4th, 2008

Governor Mark Sanford made a special trip to Spartanburg today to offer his support to the Republican Candidates running in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties. The event was held at The Junction Too restaurant on Hearon Circle at noon today.

After a few minutes of meet and greeting, the Governor made a short speech offering his support of the candidates. He made sure to remind people that the current financial situation that the state is in is due to the excessive spending in Columbia. He said Spartanburg did an excellent job selecting “reform minded individuals” and he looks forward to working with them.

Sanford also gave props to Representative Nikki Haley (SC House 87) for her efforts to push a bill that would require roll call votes so that legislatures can be held more accountable.

The people of Spartanburg are now holding their noses hoping that their chosen candidates act on what they promised, and that is to Reform the State Government.

Attendees from Left to Right: (Rick Beltram, Spartanburg County Chairman; Wright Gaines, Mayor of Inman; Rusty Clevenger, Candidate for Coroner; Joey Millwood, Candidate for House District 38; Mike Gardner, Candidate for Senate District 11; Danny Stacy, Candidate for House District 29; Steve Parker, Candidate for House District 37; Derham Cole, Candidate for House District 32; Shane Martin, Candidate for Senate District 13; Lee Bright, Candidate for Senate District 12; Mark Sanford, Governor)

Rick Beltram Looking To Hire Security Guard

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After the fiasco that has turned up at the Spartanburg County Election Commissions office over Beltram’s poll watching tactics, there have been several threats made to the Famed or Wanted GOP Chairman.

We overheard this conversation today while attending a Rally at the Junction Too at Hearon Circle where Governor Mark Sanford came to rally the troops and offer his support to “the reformed minded individuals” that the county has selected to lead the ballot next weekend.

I must admit though, Beltram being a Jersey boy, I’m surprised he has not needed a security guard any sooner than he has.  I remember 15 months ago he was being blasted from all over the nation for his position on “banning the Paul Campaign” from events in Spartanburg after Paul’s comments challenging the wars.

Rick Beltram, Spartanburg GOP File Lawsuit Against Walker

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Today, Rick Beltram on behalf of the Spartanburg GOP filed a law suit accusing Bob Walker of campaigning as a “write-in” candidate against the state’s sore loser law.  Beltram was hoping for an injuction to be filed this afternoon and have a hearing with Judge Cole as soon as 2:30pm today.  We’ll have more on the story as it develops.

Here is the mailer that was sent out to residents in district 38 as FITSNews reported earlier.  Rick Beltram made sure the appropriate props were given to the FITSNews crew for breaking the story.



UPDATE (15:35):
The Conservativist has also learned that phone calls were being made in House District 38 that were being paid for by “Bob Walker” according to the caller.

Spartanburg Town Hall Meeting – School Choice

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Families in Spartanburg are talking about school choice.

Parents want more options for their children and better accountability from their public schools. They want to get the facts about high public school spending, low test scores and how broader access to private schools will improve performance for all students.

Come and join the discussion!

Pizza will be served!

Tuesday, October 28th, 6:30 p.m

Merryland Child Development 
95 Ashley Street, Spartanburg

Learn more:

Tim Carnes Announces Write-In Campaign Against Bob Inglis

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I am running to replace Bob Inglis for the Fourth Congressional District.

The Times Examiner has published an article about our race.  I will be speaking at the Americans for Constitutional Government on Monday Oct 27th.

Events this week:

ETV radio interview, Friday 9:30 AM “The Big Picture” Oct 24th

Debate with all candidates in this race on WORD Radio, Friday 5:00 – 6:00 PM Oct 24th

Response to the campaign and interest in our effort to replace Bob Inglis has been very positive.  This year the voters of the Fourth Congressional District can Write-in a candidate for conservative representation.

Tim Carnes

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