Questionable Activities in the SC House Ethics Committee?

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It is our understanding that the state law reads that an individual will pay a $100 fine for each day the candidate is late submitting their contribution reports to the ethics commission.

SECTION 8-13-1510.   Penalty for late filing of or failure to file report or statement required by this chapter.

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, a person required to file a report or statement under this chapter who files a late statement or report or fails to file a required statement or report must be assessed a civil penalty as follows:

(1) a fine of one hundred dollars if the statement or report is not filed within five days after the established deadline provided by law in this chapter; or

(2) after notice has been given by certified or registered mail that a required statement or report has not been filed, a fine of ten dollars per day for the first ten days after notice has been given, and one hundred dollars for each additional calendar day in which the required statement is not filed.

The last deadline was on 7/10/08 and there is one candidate that did not file his reports until 9/11/08.  This candidate, Harold Mitchell, according to my source has only paid a $100 fine on 8/5/08.

This whole story gets a little more interesting.

Many campaigns have railed the School Choice supporters and their funding from NY, particularly Howard Rich and Associates.

Upon analyzing Mitchell’s contributions report, you find almost $30,000 dollars of campaign contributions from out of state sources.  Those names, primarily point back to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  1. Terry Mcauliffe – Chairman of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign.
  2. Smith Bagley – Campaign Bundler / Fundraiser.
  3. Micheal Kempner – HRC National Finance Co-Chairs
  4. Deborah Jackson – Large Campaign Donor
  5. James Cecchi – Large Campaign Donor

Look at the report and research for yourself.

In May, Hillary was still in the hunt for the Presidency and Mitchell was one of the few African American elected officials to support Hillary.

Almost all of these contribution came during the black out period between the pre-election filing and the primary election.  If I remember correctly, Howard Rich was heavily criticized for this same tactic.

This leaves me with the following questions.  I hope to get answers soon.

  1. Why did Mitchell wait so long to file his contribution reports (after the DNC) ?
  2. Why is it that he is only being fined $100?
  3. Why is in the media not railing the HRC donors like they did the Rich supporters?
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