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I hate to continue to harp on Congressman Inglis (well, maybe I do enjoy it a little), but what in the world is going on!

Mr. Inglis claims to be a conservative.  He quotes scripture in his mailings, supposedly believes in off shore drilling, supposedly believes in smaller government, an anti-nanny state, recently claims to be a supporter of a balanced budget, somewhat questions how much government should be involved in the bailouts and supports cap and trade proposals.

Well, I believe Mr. Inglis’ supposed support of offshore drilling just sank!  He voted in favor of HR 6899 which banned any new off shore drilling development within 50 miles of the coast line.

Now before we go into arguing that if it is any closer it will destroy the view from the beaches, the average person (being a generous 6 feet tall) standing at sea level can only see 3 miles out (due to the curvature of the earth).  A mere 13 miles if you are 100 feet above sea level.  With that said, an oil rig 20 miles out will most probably not be seen by the tourists on the beaches.

Most researchers also argue that most of the oil and natural gases found on the continental shelf are within that 50 mile stretch.

Effectively, Inglis thinks he has pulled the wool over the peoples eyes and he can continue to claim that he supports off shore drilling.  Not if I have anything to say about it!  Here are Inglis’ comments on the vote complements of the Greenville News:

“Over and over, (constituents) asked why Congress can’t work together to get something done,” Inglis said. “This measure is far short of what we need, but it’s a start.”

It is pretty much given that we will have Inglis for another two years.  Will somebody please stand up with true conservative values and take a stand?

By the way…I will be at Wades Monday for Inglis’ “Let’s Talk”.  I can not wait to see how he defends his position on the bill to the people.

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  • http://WaldoLydeckersJournal Waldo

    Not to mention, if they are closer and get destroyed in a hurricane, you know abuot the oil spill a lot sooner!

  • Ninian Reid

    I’m sorry, if we want to remain free from the clutches of the men in the flowing gowns and funny headwear (ie. the undemocratic Middle East oil sheiks and their bloodthirsty public executioners in corrupt “kingdoms” such as Saudi Arabia ), we need to drill offshore. Oh, and then there’s the Russians. They’re holding a gun barrel – and an oil barrel- to the heads of millions of low-income Europeans who’re about to face winter temperatures. It’s time we got really tough with the Kremlin criminals and undermined their wretched regime at every opportunity. And as for OPEC, words don’t begin to describe my disgust at their corrupt cartel.

  • Tracy

    You realize that any oil that is found will be sold on the open market to the highest bidder? Here’s a hint, since you want $1 gas that won’t be people like you. It will be the Chinese or Indians.