BI – Business Intelligence, Bob Inglis, or a New Tax

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Business intelligence application models were designed to allow businesses to make better business decisions.  Can someone tell me what BI model Inglis is using?

At Inglis’ monthly Let’s Talk at Wade’s Restaurant, the Congressman made the following statement (paraphrased):

My family has cut the air conditioning off for the summer and we are installing window screens…some of those high-tech ones.

Good for you Congressman.  How much did those window screens run you?  Were they 6 times as expensive as the CFL ($4.22/bulb) is to the incandescent bulb ($0.62/bulb)?

This statement immediately reminded me of one of Obama’s many sound bites:

We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times

Now with all do respect, a man and his family our welcome run their house however they wish.   And I am glad to see that Inglis is practicing what he preaches.  However, I really feel bad for his wife and younger children that are going to live in that heat daily while the Congressman is in Washington in the air conditioning.

In my opinion, I believe this highlights his trend to the left.

Inglis takes it a step further though…

I have a political problem…how do I convince people that we need the alternatives, we need to drill into our heads, not the ground.

He wants to drill stuff into our heads.  I’m beginning to belive that he wants to drill “green” into our heads.

Inglis stated that he wants America to focus on the alternatives, to be innovative, and use our heads to beat the Middle East.  I agree, lets be innovative. But lets be realistic and not choke off our nation in the process of developing the alternatives.  I still argue that we should be “multi-tasking”.  That is what I am required to do at work, at home, and life.  In Inglis’ world, it seems that “multi-tasking” the energy issue is out of the question.

On the plus side…
Inglis finally admitted that he was a supporter of a balanced budget (2 months after being questioned on the issue at Let’s Talk).

And finally…
When Inglis gets his “cap-and-trade” for carbon in place, make sure you check you check stub for the new BI line item in your pay stub deductions.

One Last Thing…
Did anyone figure out what BI model Inglis is using.

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  • Paul Armstrong

    Those CFL bulbs, if you read the box stupid, would save you about 31.oo in electricity – multiply that against 1 dozen fixtures in the house it adds up.

    I get a bit miffed at people who feel as though their willingness to pay up is “their business” and if it results in a shortage somewhere – better them than me. You might wish you had some expensive screens when we start getting brown out or black outs – because conservatives have championed the mantra burn baby burn.

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