Spartanburg GOP vs Bob Conley – Round 1

August 25, 2008 by  
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The Conservativist has learned that Bob Conley supporters will be at Fuddruckers tonight for the Spartanburg GOP Executive Committee meeting.  Although they said they were going to be more tactful in their efforts tonight, expect some kind of pagentry as a minor tit-for-tat battle incurs between the two sides.

The Spartanburg GOP has been known to be kind to Graham, even after Greenville succeeded in censuring Senator Graham last year over his position on illegal immigration.  Beltram has been accused and questioned by many that he was behind the stalling of a resolution that would have censured Graham.

In a quick search of polling data found on the Internet, Conley trails by 22% with 14% undecided.  Graham is polling at less than 60%.

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  • Tommy

    What good are old polls?

    The only poll that counts will be on November 4th.

    An Obama surge in SC and a base unexcited about Graham or McCain will give Conley a huge boost. Add to that the 33% disaffected who voted against Graham in the Republican primary and it’s “Bye-bye, Gaham!”