Police Report Filed from Greenville GOP Fiasco

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Greenville GOP Bob ConleyIt appears the fiasco from Monday nights Greenville GOP Executive Committee meeting has moved to its next phase.

I have received a copy of the police report that was filed today at the Greenville Tech University campus against Mr. Doug Wavel.

According to Mr. Frank, he attempted to contact Mr. Wavel on August 5th and 6th to try and settle the issue, but his phone call was never returned.

Mr. Frank stated (paraphrased) that not many people liked Mr. Wavel and his antics.

We don’t need Hitler neo-nazi Republicans. ¬†We need more old school Republicans.

It will be interesting to follow this further.  Hopefully tomorrow I can make contact with Mr. Wavel and hear what he has to say about the situation.

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  • http://www.campaignforliberty.com Sig Kim

    I will take this opportunity to applaud The Conservativist for allowing open comments without haveing to sign up for anything.
    IF Mr.Wavel would have treated a campus police officer the way he did Mr.Frank, he would have been subdued and charged with assault.
    I bid them to do their jobs and arrest Mr.Wavel today.

  • Back Bencher

    “Doug Wavle was using his Politicle power to Hitler my rights away.”

    Direct citation from Brian “B-Funk” Frank’s incident report.

    Two thoughts come to mind. First, it’s amazing that politicians like B-Funk still use Hitler and Nazi in American political discourse. Second, if B-Funk graduated from public schools, he is a living example of why we need school choice in South Carolina.

    But this whole episode is just a ploy for B-Funk to raise money for his candidate.

  • Someone

    This is a classic example of “NEOCONS” on steriods — running rampant over anyone and anyone’s constitutional rights of free speech, assembly, and free from bodily harm. Wavle’s actions are dispicable, especially considering his position in the party. He should resign and step down immediately.

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  • http://www.baldwin08.com Bob

    Focus on how Wavel waddled up to Brian, telling him to be sure to get a good picture of his face. I’d say that this quack actually believes that he is just to powerful for Brian to mess with, either believes his attorney will fix it for him or he is such a high powered bad ass that Brian will never be able to touch him. This duck must be plucked, stuffed, and roasted with a load of birdshot in his behind.

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  • Matthew

    This is going to be a little long, but here goes. As a member of the Greenville County GOP, I was at this event and several items need to be corrected for the record.

    Before we were able to start the meeting someone with the Conley campaign had placed two articles on each seat at the meeting hall the GOP had reserved for our Bi Monthly business meeting. One was the titled the worst Senator, or something like that, and the second was “the Right Democrat”. This is where the trouble started. These were collected since we have a right to not allow Pro Dem lit handed out in our meeting in a room we had reserved for our Business meetings.

    Also The local Ron Paul group along with the campaign had Posted that the Greenville county GOP was to have a special speaker “Bob Conley”. These groups have no right to try and speak for the Greenville County Party and as such were being dishonest in trying to make it look like the party was going to give him a platform to speak. Mr Conley even emailed the Chairman to ask if he could speak to our group and was flatly denied that opportunity.

    Mr Conley’s campaign also contacted the local Rep for the Fair tax group to state that he would like to support the fair tax, asking if they could have the press conference to be located at Greenville Tech at 6:45. Now The GOP meeting starts at Greenville Tech at 7:00 at the same lobby they asked the Fair tax Rep to have the press conference. We start check in at 6:45. They planned to crash our meeting and tried to make it look like we supported this campaign.

    In the meeting Mr Frank was recognized by the chair(Mr Frank had stood during a part of the meeting where announcements are made), he then preceded to state that conservatives have a choice in November, At this point he was interrupted by someone by a Point of order request to the chair. at that time Mr Frank was ruled out of order for advocating a candidate in opposition to a GOP candidate. The person who made the Point of order then commented that the rules of the GOP do not allow Members(elected officers to the county parties) to support, endorse or publicly help a candidates in opposing a GOP candidate, if they do they automatically vacate their position. Mr Wavle then read the rule pertant to the discussion.

    During the new Business part of the meeting, Mr Frank then tried to give the same speech, and was again ruled out of order.

    Now Greenville does one thing different than some other counties, it closes the meeting, and then invites a speaker to come up and talk to the assembled group of local Republicans. At this point Mr Frank thought the meeting was over and stepped out to the lobby and placed his materials on tables that the party had reserved for the meeting(we have a check in table and a couple more for OUR candidates to use to give to OUR members. This is where Mr Frank had Both of his articles. At this point Mr Frank turns on his video camera.(I have a statement from one of our members that was there that night that he(Mr Frank) stated before the meeting that he brought his camera so that if anything happened he could place it on You tube, so he wanted trouble.) Since I did not care to hear the speaker I was in the lobby and saw all that is on the tape and more.

    Mr Wavle never touched Mr Frank, when Mr Wavle reached for “The Right Democrat” article that was on one of our reserved tables Mr Frank juggled his camera. At this point I will give him the benefit of the doubt that it was because he was trying to stop Mr Wavle from touching his (Mr Frank’s)papers. Although seeing what he has done with the images he took and his false statements to the police one could question if it was done purposefully. In Fact Mr Wavle never got any of those articles from that table(He did get some from our check-in table and those are the papers you see in his hand as he walks out the door.) Here is the thing, Both the Candidate Mr Conley and his Campaign Manager were in the lobby during this incident (You can see them both in the video facing the incident.) For Mr Griggs to claim that anyone was assaulted makes one have to question his honesty. It would have been clear to everyone in the lobby that no physical contact happened between the two men. Several have testified to this fact under oath.

    Mr Frank has made several comments that many people in Greenville do not like Mr Wavle and call him a “little Hitler”. Since I have never seen Mr Frank at one of our meetings before, I doubt he has asked the opinion of those in the Greenville County GOP Committee. I do know that the Graham campaign does not care for him, but I doubt that Mr Frank is concerned about their opinion towards Mr Wavle.

    Lastly, I know that MR Conley saw the incident, and yet he has stayed silent, I challenge him to do the right thing and disavow the false statements that one of his Campaign workers(volunteers) has made to the press and the police. Otherwise he is allowing a false accusation to stand when he has knowledge to refute it! We will see if he has the integrity to do the right thing.


    • Matt Wavle

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on this.
      Matt Wavle 864-551-9097

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  • Matthew

    From what Mr Frank has stated on his You tube account it looks like the local police and magistrates have decided not to charge Mr Wavle with any crime.

  • Bill

    This is how all republicans act revoltingly, violent, and cruel. Nothing new here just another day at the office electing people that represent foolish people.

  • yyy
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