Greenville GOP vs Democratic Nominee Bob Conley

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Greenville GOP Bob ConleyBob Conley and a group of supporters (Beltram is NOT one of them) showed up at the Greenville County GOP Executive Committee Meeting last night.  Let’s just say the meeting became a rules showdown between Greenville Doug Wavel and Cherokee County GOP member Brian Frank.

Last night, members of the executive committee meeting were reminded of the rules regarding the immediate vacancy of seats.  Short point…If you are publicly campaigning or endorsing a member of another party, you immediately lose your post.

Brian Frank and others have decided that Bob Conley (a supposed Ron Paul supporter) is more conservative than Lindsey Graham.  Mr. Frank decided to try and get Mr. Conley’s message across to the GOP during the new business session (Mr. Conley had left the auditorium, but was greeting folks outside).  His argument was that he was more conservative and that the people are conservative before they are republicans.

Many points of order came to be stopping the onslaught of pro-Conley monologue and a motion was finally called for adjournment.

The final point to Mr. Wavel’s argument was that we had a nominating process, Greenville county disagreed with Mr. Graham on several issues, but he overwhelmingly won the state and Mr. Graham is who we will support.

On another note, after the censure resolution in Greenville last year, individuals came to Spartanburg and tried to pass it.  Will the Conley gang show up in Spartanburg?

Spartanburg’s Executive Committee meeting will be on August 25th at Fuddruckers.  Considering the show last night, I may have to take my video camera to see what happens.

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Here is video of one of the many confrontations between Doug Wavel and Brian Frank.

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  • Earl Capps

    The guy is a nut.

    Has anyone seen big-league Democrats getting behind his candidacy?

    If he was a serious candidate, he’d be out raising funds or building up a statewide campaign, not crashing the other party’s meetings.

  • Brian Frank

    Bob is the only Consevative in the South Carolina U.S. Senate race!

  • rick beltram

    I understand that the State Dem party is really livid with their joke candidate, Bob Conley!
    I referred to Bob today, in my PRESS interviews as a “nut-job”

    Rick Beltram

  • Esther Wagner

    I was evidently at a different meeting. We mainly discussed our search for a new headquarters and then a discussion between a long-time borer and a former officer went on forever. I finally called for adjournment before I was forced to perform ritualistic suicide to prevent myself from going insane with boredom. I immediately went outside and was confronted by a DEMOCRAT. If I wanted to hear from a Democrat, I’d have stayed home and watched MSNBC. I saw the little “confrontation” between Doug and the idiot Frank. (I’m wearing the white shirt and I can be heard telling Conley I won’t be voting for him). Doug did not even touch the man. Frank tried to prevent him from picking up the papers that were on the table for public consumption. If anything, Frank assaulted Doug. I’m not surprised by the prevarication on the part of this group. They are Democrats, after all. The truth is too boring to write, I guess.

  • Brian Frank

    Esther Wagner I seen you over there with Doug Wavel yelling at our next Senator Bob Conley! Doug came at me, you know it I know it. Lindsey voted 8 times in the last year to take jobs away from Americans! He also voted for amnesty for Illegal Invaders too. That is not Republican or conservative, is it? NO! Doug hasnt liked me for months because I was/am a huge Ron Paul fan. Bottom line!

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  • Brian Frank

    Democrat Bob Conley offers conservatives a real choice in November

    Read this!

  • bluto20

    This man conley is doing what any other concerned U.S. citizen would do. Question the people who want to control us!

  • Grahamnesty

    Hers is a good website to get great information about our next Senator and our current Senator!

  • Brian Frank

    I filed charges today with the Greenville Tech Campus Police!

    Brian Frank

  • Sig Kim

    It is clear to see who the instagator was in the video. Frank”This is my stuff”. Doug”Then take it off the table and leave”. Frank”I don’t need to..this is a public place”. I see Esther’s interpretation of the incident is somewhat different then the EVIDENCE! Maybe you should watch a bit more MSNBC, and tun off FOX.

  • Amanda

    Brian Frank is a Republican. He is supporting Bob Conley because Bob is a lot more conservative than the amnesty pushing poodle Lindsey Graham. He is trying to make us get chips and a national ID card. I’d vote for a duck before I’d vote that spineless Neocon. I heard that him and his boyfriend live in a house in Mt Pleasant yet he votes down gay rights. What a piece of work!! I’m a republican but I’m voting for Bob Conley.

  • Esther Wagner

    Mr. Frank,

    I saw the “incident.” I find it humorous that I big young guy like you is filing charges against Doug Wavle. What a hoot!! Does Doug scare you? Are you having bad dreams about him? Please. On the video, you can be heard telling him the papers are yours, but never once do you say anything about being “assaulted” or harmed in any way. If you were damaged, “Dude,” why did it take you two days to file charges with the TECH security?! You were where you shouldn ‘t have been; behaving in a way you shouldn’t have behaved; trying to prevent a member of the public from taking papers that you had specifically set out for the public to take. You are a joke.

    I am not a supporter of Lindsey Graham and can clearly be heard in your little video telling Mr. Conley that if he had run in the primary, I would have given him some consideration. I will not vote for a Democrat. We have a two party system in this country and a win by a Democrat would only widen their margin of majority in the Senate. I want conservative Republicans not some sort of morphed Libertarian Democrat. Mr. Graham can be picked off by a solid Republican contender and we would not lose the seat.

    You created the issue and now you are trying to capitalize on it somehow? Do you really think this will gain Conley votes? I guess any publicity is good publicity but I believe in being honest and truthful. I’m sorry you and Mr. Conley don’t.
    Tell you what. . . I’ll protect you from Doug. I’m pretty sure I can take him. He’s smaller than me. Do you need me to fend off any other predators, Mr. Frank? Call me whenever you are in Greenville County and I’ll come make sure you aren’t accosted by any other 5 foot nothing, 120 pounders.

  • Esther Wagner

    Sig Kim,

    Perhaps you need to learn that a poorly made video does not constitute “evidence” of anything. I witnessed the whole event and I know the reality. I was there. You weren’t. You see a few blurry jumbled scenes and you immediately decide something occurred that I know didn’t. You are doing harm to a person that has never done anything to you simply because you have a political axe to grind. Doug Wavle is passionate about his beliefs just as is Mr. Franks. The difference is that Doug would never lie about another person to get publicity.
    It’s called integrity. Brian should look it up in the dictionary.

  • Sig Kim

    Esther….Who approached who is CLEARLY seen in the video. WHO asked who to leave a public building? IS this the works of a man with integrity? The camera records all of this from CLOSER then YOU were. Mr.Wavel is clearly rude in his behavior and being physical with Mr.Frank. Spin it all you want..let the viewers decide.
    Good day.