BI – Business Intelligence, Bob Inglis, or a New Tax

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Business intelligence application models were designed to allow businesses to make better business decisions.  Can someone tell me what BI model Inglis is using?

At Inglis’ monthly Let’s Talk at Wade’s Restaurant, the Congressman made the following statement (paraphrased):

My family has cut the air conditioning off for the summer and we are installing window screens…some of those high-tech ones.

Good for you Congressman.  How much did those window screens run you?  Were they 6 times as expensive as the CFL ($4.22/bulb) is to the incandescent bulb ($0.62/bulb)?

This statement immediately reminded me of one of Obama’s many sound bites:

We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times

Now with all do respect, a man and his family our welcome run their house however they wish.   And I am glad to see that Inglis is practicing what he preaches.  However, I really feel bad for his wife and younger children that are going to live in that heat daily while the Congressman is in Washington in the air conditioning.

In my opinion, I believe this highlights his trend to the left.

Inglis takes it a step further though…

I have a political problem…how do I convince people that we need the alternatives, we need to drill into our heads, not the ground.

He wants to drill stuff into our heads.  I’m beginning to belive that he wants to drill “green” into our heads.

Inglis stated that he wants America to focus on the alternatives, to be innovative, and use our heads to beat the Middle East.  I agree, lets be innovative. But lets be realistic and not choke off our nation in the process of developing the alternatives.  I still argue that we should be “multi-tasking”.  That is what I am required to do at work, at home, and life.  In Inglis’ world, it seems that “multi-tasking” the energy issue is out of the question.

On the plus side…
Inglis finally admitted that he was a supporter of a balanced budget (2 months after being questioned on the issue at Let’s Talk).

And finally…
When Inglis gets his “cap-and-trade” for carbon in place, make sure you check you check stub for the new BI line item in your pay stub deductions.

One Last Thing…
Did anyone figure out what BI model Inglis is using.

Spartanburg GOP vs Conley – Round 2

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Nothing happened.

A few sly comments were made about Graham from Conley supporters in the crowd as Graham’s name was mentioned throughout the evening, but other than that, it was a relatively quiet meeting.

Beltram did take the opportunity to throw a few jabs at Reese who has refused to participate in a Spartanburg County debate on October 20th that is being hosted by the League of Women Voters and the Spartanburg County GOP.

Beltram also took the opportunity to remind the GOP that Glenn Reese is an Obama supporter.  He was very public with that support and announced his change to support Obama over Biden shortly after Obama made a stop in Spartanburg in November.

In a very conservative district, it is surprising that Reese would make that move.  In the end, when you hear the name Barack Obama; think about Glenn Reese.

Winner of Round 2 – Spartanburg GOP.

Spartanburg GOP vs Bob Conley – Round 1

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The Conservativist has learned that Bob Conley supporters will be at Fuddruckers tonight for the Spartanburg GOP Executive Committee meeting.  Although they said they were going to be more tactful in their efforts tonight, expect some kind of pagentry as a minor tit-for-tat battle incurs between the two sides.

The Spartanburg GOP has been known to be kind to Graham, even after Greenville succeeded in censuring Senator Graham last year over his position on illegal immigration.  Beltram has been accused and questioned by many that he was behind the stalling of a resolution that would have censured Graham.

In a quick search of polling data found on the Internet, Conley trails by 22% with 14% undecided.  Graham is polling at less than 60%.

The 2010 Rumor Mills

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Now that the 2008 primaries are past us and the General Election is looming, The Conservativist has been keeping it’s ears open for the races in 2010.  Since the rumor mill is running at full speed, why not share what we have heard and read.

The race for Governor appears to be at full steam ahead.  So much so that the fundraising mailers have already begin to hit the post boxes.

  1. Gresham Barrett – Heavily rumored to be in the running.  He has been on several talk radio shows, sent out a nice fundraising letter last summer (I live outside of his district and received the mailer, good indication?), and the blogosphere has been discussing it.  Just search “gresham barrett for governor”.
  2. Andre Bauer (Lt. Governor) – It has been expected for the past few years that Bauer would move up the ladder from his current post.  Bauer has been working hard to help the elderly (a large portion of the electorate) over the past year and has had cool fundraising events in Charlotte driving stock cars.
  3. Oscar Lovelace – After making a valiant effort in 2006 to beat Sanford in the primary, Lovelace appears to be making a run for it as an independent.  This will be an interesting spectacle as he will face two of these 6 individuals in November 2010.  Then again, we may end up with a Democratic Governor if he has the support he had in 2006.
  4. Henry McMaster (Attorney General) – He is in the process of launching a new campaign site.  McMaster’s name has been working thru the mill since 2007.  He has been working hard to make a name for himself and getting well needed publicity for a statewide race.  His efforts to crack down on child porn and touring the state with Presumptive Nominee John McCain should not hender his efforts.
  5. Jim Rex (State Superintendent of Education) – Rex began sending fundraising mailers out this week for his potential run for Governor.  He is trying to portray his strength as a reformer of the education system. Then again, this could just be fundraising to retain his seat for another four years as Education Chief.  The folks over at The Palmetto Scoop and at FITSNews have also had there criticisms and beliefs that Rex is on the move.
  6. Jim Ritchie – This has been pretty quiet over the past few months, but don’t be surprised if he throws his hat in the ring.  Remember, Shane Martin and Max Hyde went after his Senate seat because of this rumor.
  7. Inez Tenenbaum –  Although some have criticized her for taking a job as a lobbyist, she also had a candidates page set up on facebook.  The Conservativist is unable to locate it at this time.

State Attorney General

  1. Jim Ritchie – This was rumored in 2007, but we have not heard anymore whispers concerning this.  Ritchie has a lot of empty time on his hands since loosing on June 24th, so it will be interesting to see where his political future will move next.
  2. Trey Gowdy – This too was rumored in 2007.  Just a few weeks ago, Gowdy met at Wades with Doug Smith and John White.  They had a nice conversation as it was reported, but no details were provided.

4th Congressional District

  1. Bob Inglis (incumbent) – The incumbent, enough said.
  2. Gary Coats – Some political circles around Spartanburg have mentioned that I may be interested in running for the seat.  Those individuals who have spoke to me have mentioned that my constant criticism of the Congressman led them to believe that I was interested.
  3. Jim Ritchie – Ritchie has run for this seat in the past and was handed a strong defeat.  Again he is considered to be running for Governor or Attorney General; part of the reason he lost his Senate seat to Shane Martin.
  4. Scott Talley – Talley lost his bid for a State Senate seat in a close election against Lee Bright.  He had relinquished his state house seat for that race.  It was rumored in 2007 as a future interest for him and has been mentioned to me by a few individuals that he may be planning.
Do you have information to add to the Rumor Mill?  Leave us a comment!

Chuck Baldwin, Bob Inglis, and The Spartanburg GOP

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It is our objective to keep you informed about any political event that we are made aware of, no matter the party or the individual.  We believe that you are entitled to be made fully aware of these events and to be an informed voter.

By the way, the Spartanburg GOP event may be one to keep an eye on this week.  It is rumored that the Conley Supporters may make a “guest” appearance at Fuddruckers to see if they can get their candidate some face time again.  We’ll see how Mr. Beltram and Co. handle the situation.

August 25th

  1. 12:00pm – Bob Inglis – Wade’s Restaurant, Spartanburg, SC
  2. 6:30pm – Spartanburg GOP Executive Committee Meeting – Fuddruckers, Spartanburg, SC

August 26th

  1. 7:00am – Chuck Baldwin (Presidential Candidate) – Jimmy’s Family Restaurant of Seneca, 1018 Hwy. 123 Bypass, Seneca, SC
  2. 11:30am – Chuck Baldwin – Beacon Drive-In, 255 John B. White Sr. Blvd, Spartanburg, SC
  3. 7:00pm – Bob Inglis – Greer CPW, 301 McCall St., Greer, SC
  4. 7:00pm – Chuck Baldwin – Upcountry Rally, J. Vern Smith Auditorium, Greenville Tech College, 620 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville, SC 29607

August 27th

  1. 7:00am – Chuck Baldwin – Shoney’s Family Restaurant, 1909 Whiskey Rd., Aiken, SC
  2. 11:00am – Chuck Baldwin – Grecian Garden,  2312 Sunset Blvd., Columbia, SC 29169
  3. 1:30pm – Chuck Baldwin – Shooter’s Choice Shooting Range, Sunset Blvd. and 9th. Ave
  4. 5:00pm – Chuck Baldwin – Maurice’s Gourmet Barbeque, 2515 Sunset Blvd. West Columbia, SC 29169

August 28th

  1. 12:00pm – Chuck Baldwin – Cracker Barrel, 7351 Mazyck Rd., North Charleston, SC 29405
  2. 3:00pm – Chuck Baldwin – ATP Gunshop and Range, 1340 College Park Rd., Summerville, SC 29483
  3. 6:00pm – Chuck Baldwin – Dinner Cruise on the Spirit of Charleston Cruise Line, Patriot’s Point, Coleman Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC

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