Lindsey Graham’s Critical Update

June 6, 2008 by  
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I received this e-mail today from the Graham campaign. It seems interesting that this would come out 4 days before the primary. I have yet to hear him mention on the trail. What’s funny is that I have been saying for some time that Congress needs to step it up and issue some form of JFK Space Race declaration to get over this hurdle.

While we are researching though, lets tap into some of the oil off the coasts and reduce our foreign dependence while we are developing alternative fuels.

Critical Update on the Energy Crisis Facing America

The high price we’re paying for gas hurts more than just our pocketbooks…

By paying over $130 a barrel for oil, America is sending $400 billion to oil-producing nations around the world – and some of those nations wish to do us harm.

Senator Lindsey Graham believes we need a Declaration of Independence from foreign oil.

Just like our nation’s determination to complete the Manhattan Project and to land on the moon, our country must now unite and resolve to end our dependency on foreign oil.

Lindsey Graham knows we must not fail to act. We need energy independence to bring down the price of gas at the pump – AND to win the War on Terror around the world.

To Senator Graham, no issue is more important.

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