The “Greener” Side of Inglis – Why It Hurts

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Can someone tell me who Congressman Bob Inglis is Representing?

I continue to be utterly surprised by the bases acceptance of Mr. Inglis’ “green” values. Conservation is good but there should be a fine line in the means that are taken to “change” the system. That means should be one that does not adversely affect your constituency. Yet his “green” values are infringing on the traditional values of less tax, less spending, and open markets.

– Memorial Day, 2008

At a Memorial Day Let’s Talk, Bob was discussing energy with approximately nine people at Wades Restaurant in Spartanburg. At one point Mr. Inglis was challenged about his policy on ANWR. Facts were presented that if we had begun drilling when he was in Congress the first time, we could have almost replaced the oil we were importing from Saudi Arabia (ANWR could produce 1M barrels/day, Saudi imports = 1.4M barrels/day in 2006). If we were about energy independence why are we not drilling (ANWR or elsewhere)?

The Congressman responded stating that if we had increased our production, OPEC would cut their production and nothing would be accomplished. Prices would remain as high as they are now. I countered stating “Why can we not do two things at one time, drill more to reduce our foreign dependence and still develop the alternative fuels”.

Inglis replied if we drill more, prices will drop and the initiative to develop alternatives would be delayed.

Isn’t this a contradiction of his earlier statements? I confronted the Congressman on the issue. Mr. Inglis stated that he was contradicting himself but he never provided what he believed the result of increased production would be.

– June 9th, 2008

Congressman Inglis held a conference call and for the first time he admitted that the problem with oil is the weak dollar. Yet, neither he nor Congress seems willing to take on the problem of the fledging dollar.

– June 23rd, 2008

I took the opportunity to ask the Congressman to elaborate further on his statements from the conference call concerning the falling dollar on oil. Inglis proceeded to defer the question to an economic specialist who stated that the dollar was partly at fault. I challenged further to see a balanced budget to no avail.

I followed up this question with one concerning the new mileage standards passed earlier in the year. I questioned whether or not the standards were based on traditional gasoline or on the less efficient ethanol blends. He responded by stating they were based on traditional gasoline. Understand that the ethanol blends are less efficient resulting in a tank of gas not going as far. Whose pockets are being lined by this law?

And the tipping point for me on Monday was when Mr. Inglis stated that he supported the Lieberman/Warner Cap and Trade policy as long as China and India were included. In Mr. Inglis’ green world now campaign, he wants to place a tax on industries that have a carbon footprint. It would put a tax on everything around the world coming into America. So what does that do to the price of gasoline? Exactly, increases your cost. It is estimated that the bill would increase your gas costs 13 cents within 4 years. Not to mention the costs on other products that will be passed down to the consumer.

In my additional research, this isn’t the first time Mr. Inglis has expressed these views. He has been a supporter of a cap-and-trade policy for a few years now. Just do a search for “bob inglis cap-and-trade”.

When will Mr. Inglis begin to realize that his policy is pointing us in the wrong direction? It appears that he does not care about the pocket book of the citizens of America, much less those in Upstate, SC. I agree, we must get off of our foreign dependence, but by taxing and regulating, which stifles the economy, is not the solution.

A quick review of Inglis’ positions

  • Regulation – Inglis supports the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs that cost more and requires special cleaning when one fails due to mercury
  • Regulation & Taxation – Cap and trade policy as long as it includes China and India.
  • Taxation – Would not declare that he would fight and work for a balanced budget

The Incumbent Blues

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Well, it looks like it has become pretty official in the land of the Upstate. The incumbent blues continues as we seek Jim Ritchie and Rock Adams go down in defeat this evening. Another newcomer brought out the votes and beat a veteran in a battle for Senate District 12 ( Lee Bright over Scott Talley).

The final tally…only 3 Republican seats will have individuals with General Assembly experience. My advice to the winners…

Remember who voted you in, remember what you stand for, because the people of Spartanburg are no longer afraid to oust the incumbents.

USC Upstate to Host Forum on Energy

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Compliments of the Spartanburg Herald Journal and USC Upstate

Renewable forms of energy, including solar, wind, and biofuel, will be the topic for a forum to be held on the campus of University of South Carolina Upstate at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Campus Life Center Ballroom.

The forum is free and open to the public, and it will include speakers from the South Carolina Energy Office, and the Departments of Geological Sciences and Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. Following the short presentations, the discussion will be open to comments and questions from the audience.

Attendees also will be able to view displays — sponsored by environmental organizations and energy groups — about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

For more information call 803-777-2221 or e-mail

Lee Bright v Scott Talley – Who Wants Vouchers?

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I have heard a lot of debate on the he said he said between Bright and Talley.  I am not endorsing one candidate or the other, but did find this information interesting to read. It appears both candidates have ties to the voucher program, Talley voted for it here & here and Bright is being constantly accused of it.

Below is Sanfords letter of endorsement.

Dear Friend,

I hope this email finds you well. As you probably know, last week I endorsed Lee Bright in the Senate District 12 race and I thought I would write to briefly explain why I think he would be a great Senator for Spartanburg County.

Lee strikes me as a principled conservative who would not only represent the area’s interests well, but also be an advocate for important changes in the way our state does business. He shares our goal of making our state more competitive in the global marketplace and improving the overall lives of all South Carolinians – and sees how important changing things in Columbia is to getting there.

I think his experience in starting and building a small business makes him appreciate how hard people work to earn a living, and the importance of treating “government money” like money that actually belongs to taxpayers.

As you head to the polls next week, I would ask that you consider the following.

– Government spends about $20 billion of our money every year. In fact, state spending has increased by over 40 percent in the last three years – much faster than family income.

– In some cases, those funds are wasted on balloon festivals and Elvis impersonators while the legislature leaves deficits for fuel for our school buses and securing prisons.

– We have more than $20 billion in unpaid political promises and these IOUs will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

– We have an antiquated and fractured government structure that creates more overlap and duplication and less accountability. In fact, we are the only state in the country with a Budget and Control Board that handles the administrative functions handled by the other 49 governors in the country.

I won’t bore you with more examples, but the bottom line is that I believe we are close to achieving some significant reforms in Columbia – but that we too often find ourselves falling just a few votes shy of essential change. Sending Lee to the Senate would be a huge help to our efforts, so I hope you’ll support Lee in Tuesday’s runoff.

Take care,

Mark Sanford

PS – To view the television commercial that explains why I endorsed Lee, please click here:

Senator Graham on “Meet The Press”

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Watch Senator Lindsey Graham this week on Meet the Press with guest host Brian Williams. The show will air on Sunday, June 22 on NBC. Check your local listing for the correct time.

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