Lindsey Graham to Visit Ron’s Family Restaurant

May 25, 2008 by  
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My father scared me for a moment.  He was ahead of me on political events in Spartanburg, which I am typically informing him of.

Unfortunately, I missed the Inglis event Friday the 23rd at The Clock in Boiling Springs.  He did tip me off to a future event in the sparkle though.

Lindsey Graham will be speaking at Ron’s Hog Pen in Boiling Springs on June 7th @ 12pm.  I have confirmed this Lindsey Graham’s campaign website.

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  • WD Lockaby

    I hope before the election there will be enough vocal ‘bigots’ (Lindsey Graham’s term for Patriots who choose not to surrender our Nation
    to foreign invaders) around to convince RINO Globalist Graham to sit down and SHUT UP. I trust the good people of South Carolina are now wise to his turncoat ways and will mobilize to put him in the street (if we can’t put him in prison for treason).

  • Al

    I sure hope someone is there to ask Lindsey Graham some pertinent questions. As we are aware of ..the
    ‘enemy combatants’ of the people do reside on the hill within this NATION’S of Nations capitol.
    Poli.. meaning many…..tics..meaning blood suckers.
    and of course one should be ready to be ejected from that speaking engagement….. because that is their cowardly way of avoiding the hard questions.