Bob Inglis to Host Let’s Talk Events in April

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I received the monthly update from Inglis’ staff the other day announcing his monthly Let’s Talk meetings. He will be discussing “food…fuel…foreclosures” at the events in the upstate over the next two weeks. Monday, April 21st he will be at Tommy’s Ham House for lunch in Greenville and on April 28th, he will be in Spartanburg at Wade’s Restaurant for lunch.  You can catch Congressman Inglis again on the 28th at USC – Upstate in his debate with Charles Jeter.  Let’s talk provides an environment for discussion, criticism, and the such while the debate will take questions from the audience before the event to be used in the debate.

The update contained the following lines

- Food costs are being driven up because corn is being used for ethanol, proving the need for breakthroughs in cellulosic ethanol
– Gas and diesel prices are pinching businesses and consumers, demonstrating our need to put pedal-to-the-metal on development of fuels of the future
– Foreclosures are multiplying as high flying credit becomes reacquainted with the law of gravity
– What’s a country and its Congress to do?

Just as Inglis’ Healthcare Tour across the upstate promoted Universal Health Care (surprisingly not one media outlet has covered his proposal, the Spartanburg Herald Journal did not have a reporter at the event), I suspect more government intervention from this meeting, but we’ll see.

I will provide details on the Health Care Proposal at a later date.

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