Hillary Stuggles to Keep Up with Obama

April 11, 2008 by  
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In a recent e-mail from Former President Bill Clinton to Hillary supporters (no I don’t support her but I like seeing updates), it is very obvious that she is struggling to keep up with the juggernaut now being called “Obamanation”.  Obama is pulling in money left and right from supporters and it in the many e-mails Hillary is struggling to keep up.  What I have yet to understand is why she will not use her money.  She has tons of it as we have learned from the release of their tax records.  Mitt was not afraid to use his money?  Of course, Mitt is out, but it makes you wonder why it took so long for her to release her tax records and she’s not willing to use her money to fund the campaign.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

The people who count Hillary out of this race don’t know her the way you and I do.

Do we have an uphill battle to fight? You bet we do. We face an opponent who has a virtually unlimited war chest, who is breaking records to spend whatever it takes to win.

But I know that with Hillary leading the way and your strong support behind her, we can get the job done and we can win.

Hillary doesn’t care what the pundits say. She’s listening to you. And that’s why you need to speak out loud and clear and tell her today — just 11 days until the next big primary in Pennsylvania — that she has your support.

I talk to people every day who want to know whether Hillary is going to go the distance. I tell them all the same thing — if you knew Hillary like I do, you’d know she is in this race to win.

Hillary’s a fighter.

She’s fighting now to ensure that millions of Americans have the chance to make their voices heard — and making sure Michigan and Florida aren’t counted out. And as our president, she’s going to fight for the American dream that we all share.

But first, we have an uphill battle to fight together, starting in Pennsylvania. Right now, the Obama campaign is spending an unprecedented $2.2 million per week on TV ads in the Keystone state — an amount one Pennsylvania strategist called “unbelievable.”

With just 11 days until voters go to the polls, we can’t afford to be outspent. Every day the ground shifts; every day there’s a new twist in this race. Now is the moment when your support will count for the most. Now is the moment when Hillary needs you fighting by her side.

Contribute now to help us match the Obama campaign ad-for-ad in these final days before the Pennsylvania primary.

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