Bob Inglis Supporting Universal Healthcare?

March 8, 2008 by  
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A mailer went out to constitutents today asking the questions:

What if…we got everyone covered by insurance?
What if…all of us shared the expenses of the really big cases?
And others…see image.

Inglis Mailer
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What in the world is happening to our Republican representation. What ever happened to smaller government and fiscally conservative practices. They are blown away. I agree that insurance premiums are sky high, but to propose what appears to be Universal Healthcare is a step in the wrong direction.

I guess we will know for sure what Mr. Inglis means when he begins holding his town hall meetings.

3-17-08 – 7pm – Bryson Elementary School, Simpsonville, SC
3-18-08 – 7pm – Greer Public Works, Greer, SC
3-20-08 – 7pm – USC Union, Union, SC
3-24-08 – 7pm – Upstate Family Resource Center, Boiling Springs, SC
3-27-08 – 7pm – Greenville Hughes Library, Greenville, SC

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  • Hal

    I’ll be very curious as well to hear how he explains this. And you’re right; the interests of conservatives are not being represented in the Republican Party. The more I hear of Inglis, the more odious he becomes. From his co-sponsorship of the REAL ID Act to his recent vote for the “stimulus” package, he has consistently demonstrated that he has not a clue about the problems that face us.

  • Sad

    I received that mail piece a few days ago. It’s sad to see Inglis’ leftward drift over the past decade…almost as if his time in Washington has inflated his ego to the point that he is blind to the needs of his conservative voter base in the Fourth Congressional District.

    Hopefully he’ll get a credible primary challenge. My money’s on Andre Bauer.

  • Kennethrs

    thank you, dude

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