Mike Huckabee Struggles For Money Again

February 14, 2008 by  
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In an e-mail to supporter’s this evening, Huckabee acknowledged that they must win Texas to have hopes of a brokered convention. I must admit, like many other conservatives, I’m not hip on McCain being our nominee. In it though, he again is encouraging all to donate as much as they can to win Texas. Text can be found below.

I find it simply amazing that Huckabee is beating Paul in the delegate count, yet he cannot muster the money to compete against McCain. Latest figures show the Huck running around $9 million total, Paul more than $28 million. We all have witnessed that money can’t buy you this election, but why can’t the Huck raise the money yet he has more support in the voting booths?

Before we get to a brokered convention however we will need to win Texas and seize the momentum. For this to happen however, we must have your immediate financial support. We are laying it all on the field in Texas and we need you to join us.

Will you make an immediate contribution of $25 or more? Will you stand with me and fight for Texas and reclaim the momentum in the race for the Republican nomination?

This race is about issues. This race is about you.

The fight for Texas is critical. We will invest your support into television ads, targeted voter contact efforts and new campaign materials. Every dollar counts. To compete in the March 4 Texas primary we estimate we must raise an additional $1.5 million by then. To accomplish this, we need you to renew your financial support today. Remember a contribution of $25 or more will help us move closer to the goal and you can be certain we will invest it wisely.

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