Fox News Continues Censorship of Paul

January 17, 2008 by  
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Fox News continues to censor Ron Paul. In a broadcast today discussing delegate counts and Giuliani’s campaign strategy, they intentionally excluded Ron Paul again! Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Ron Paul have more delegates the Duncan Hunter? According to CNN, he has 2.

Fox News Excluding Paul Again

When will Fox News wake up and be “Fair and Balanced”?

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  • Lauren Grosz

    This is a travesty!

  • Dagny Yewell

    Both FAUX and the American People are asleep. However, I think FAUX news has an agenda coming from somewhere or someone who doesn’t want RON PAUL”s ideas to be known. The rest of the candidates are clones of Bush.!!! I can’t believe this. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  • Bit2Right

    Some good news:

    On Wednesday morning the Los Angeles Daily News broad a bit of fairness to the Front Page. While they could have chosen to just show Mitt, or he and John, or the two of them plus Huck, but they showed the top four!

    THERE WAS RON’S PICTURE on the front page!

    Now the long text that went with it had no mention of Ron. But here’s a bit from my memory bank. The guy who writes the article has no control over the headline of the photos. Usually, the differences upset me. Today I’m send flowers to the editor of page one. He must be a (now, not so) secret member of the Revolution.

  • T Heins

    Here’s one for you … what does fox news do after hunter and thompson drop out (which should be very soon) and Giulian still doesn’t have any deleates ?

    My guess is they just show the top 3 … they have no respect for us or Ron Paul .

    But I’m also thinking the South should be very successful for Ron Paul , so do they just show the top 2 ?? … if Ron Paul could just get himself into the upper echilon of this thing … then even Fakes news couldn’t avoid him … we gotta keep pushing .

    tell friends , family , neighbors , strangers to vote in their primaries , we can still get it done .

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  • Fox News?

    Who is Fox news never heard of them?

  • Bob C

    Fox “News” – oxyMORONS

  • Alex Wallenwein

    It’s not Fox News. It’s Fox’ VIEWS – and the views are dim as hell.

  • Jessica

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  • keith west

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