“The Straight Talk Express” – John McCain 1/16/2008

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Senator John McCain came to town today to much fan fair. The Cleveland Park Meeting Center in Spartanburg, SC was packed to its fullest. CNN and other major news networks were in attendance for today’s “Straight Talk Express”.

John McCain, Straight Talk Express

Senator McCain entered the room hearing chants of “MAC, MAC, MAC, MAC” and “The Mac is Back”. He brought some of the states big guns with him as well, all in an attempt to show the State GOP supports him. In attendance was Spartanburg County Solicitor Trey Gowdy, State Representative Speaker Pro Tempore Doug Smith, Attorney General McMaster, Greenville Mayor Knox White, Senator Lindsey Graham and a few others.

Speaker Pro Tempore Doug Smith started the day off giving an update on the campaign, latest polls in SC (McCain up by 6% points). Criticized pundits that claim South Carolina voters are worried about the evangelical side of politics. Went on to claim that we are worried about the economy too.

Lindsey Graham then took the stage to a lot of “boos”. He quickly responded “Boo to you too.” That didn’t strike me as the most educated response. Went on to state why he supported John McCain. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) also stated why he supported McCain before turning it over to the Senator.

John McCain, Straight Talk Express

The town hall meeting was definitely set up to show his strength’s as a Military Commander and to continue with the war in Iraq until the job was finished. It was again brought up that McCain had said behind closed doors to Senator Graham that “I’d rather lose a campaign than lose a war.” Personally, that would be the second or third time that I have heard it on the campaign trail (Same statement made 7/27/07).

McCain went on to say that Congress was out of control, spending was out of control. He stated “I will veto every big spending bill that crosses my desk to fight pork barrel spending…I’m going to stop it.” He went on to say that there was a lot of corruption in Congress. The pork barreling is a result of this corruption. He summed up this portion stating “I have never asked or received funding for a special pork barreling projects.” I am curious to the authenticity of this statement, research assignment anybody?

John McCain, Straight Talk Express

The Senator was hit with one question (appeared most of the others were softballs for him to knock out of the park) from a member in the rear of the room. To paraphrase the question, it was along the lines of getting involved with the state’s issue removing the Confederate Battle Flag. McCain was quick to respond that 76% of the SC voters approved of its removal and it was the right thing to do. A loud applause roared as his comments left his mouth and McCain quickly adjourned the town hall meeting. Interestingly in the commotion, Senator Graham rushed to the front of the platform screaming and waving an arm angrily at the individual who asked the question. I have yet to confirm what he had said and would love to find video of the events to see what was said.

* More pictures from the event can be found on Flickr.

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  • JMalone

    I’m really glad I came across this article on your site. It definitely points out and names State GOP members that can be added to The Revolution’s enemy list. McCain is NOT a friend to the military or the veterans like the media and current GOP tries to make him out to be. How about all the POW’s that he made sure got left behind (though he knows they were still alive). How about the 128 American POW’s that his own hand killed to save himself (yeah, it was a kill them and we’ll release you situation – he should have said no and died with the rest – more honor in it). What a hero – a coward and traitor to his country is more like it!

    Ron Paul is the only true candidate that wants an end to the war… who wants to bring home all the troops from around the world (including those POW’s that McCain has left behind). We are The Revolution – and we are taking names and they will be eliminated from the current corrupt government and offices that they hold. The plan is already in the works – selectively we are already positioning people to take them out. As the ‘society’ behind the puppet government has stated they are prepared to take out Ron Paul… we are positioned to do the same to them. It is time for REAL CHANGE – and we will do it with votes not bullets. The media blackout is what we wanted and needed – now we no longer are in the spotlight while we take america back. It’s working – you will see! McCain is going down before Super Tuesday! The Revolution will not be televised… but the effects of it will be!!!

    Fox News’ parent company has already lost $6B for the Media blackout – it’s just the start! Advertisers be warned – it’s coming and it’s going to be ugly. Watch the big media fall and set Amerika free to be America again.

    Joseph Malone
    Ron Paul 2008
    The ONLY Choice for Freedom!

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    My name is Shayne and im from New Jersey and… umm i love to smoke hookah and blow os.
    lol anyways.. Nice to meet you guys.

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