Mike Huckabee Will Pardon Hollywood

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Over the past week, we have been hearing Mike Huckabee’s name getting thrown around a lot. It has all been positive promotion which has me concerned a little bit. First of all, let’s go through his endorsements over the past week or so.

  • Chuck Norris
  • Rick Flair (“The Nature Boy”)
  • Congressman Bob Inglis (R- SC)

He already has picked up the endorsements of former SC Governor David Beasely, Former SC Governor Carrol Campbell’s family, and many others.

So what bothers me with his popularity. My wife and I were watching one of the news shows and they were interviewing Huckabee. They discussed his growing popularity, his love of rock and roll, etc. Well, at the end of the interview, he told a story about meeting Keith Richard (Led Zeppelin). Keith had mentioned he had a driving record (reckless driving charges) in Arkansas and the former Governor responded, well, you are talking to the person that can do something about it. At the end of his term of Governor, he pardoned him of his charges stating (paraphrased)

I’ll pardon anyone who can rock or play the guitar like he can.

Not only does this go to confirm that Hollywood gets special treatment, but I wonder how much more “special treatment” will Hollywood get with a Huckabee Administration.

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  • http://www.nj-barber.com Anthony Cascio

    That is absolutely applling. At least Ron Paul is the only candidate who stands for justice and the American way and who will preserve our constitutional rights and restore our freedom of free speech and the right to bear arms again. Ron Paul will win Iowa and New Hampshire and Florida.May God Bless Dr. Ron Paul!

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