Barack Obama’s “Black Friday”

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Barack Obama’s grassroots efforts failed tremendously yesterday. There goal of raising 5 million in 24 hours only garnered a measly $4,640. I can only imagine the Ron Paul supporters are laughing their heads off. And the media has yet to cover this event.

Just for the record, I’ve talked with many supporters of Ron Paul and claim that they chose November 5th because it was “catchy” and from the movie “V” for Vendetta.

So, I was curious as to what may have inspired Obama’s “Black Friday”. Why don’t the people choose the reason? Events are courtesy of the History Channel

  1. 1995 – In Britain, the Queen mother, aged 95, has hip replacement surgery in London.

  2. 1959 -Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ‘The Sound of Music’ opens on Broadway.

  3. 1920 -Bolsheviks defeat the White Russians in the Crimea ending Russia’s Civil War.

  4. 1724 – Notorious English highwayman Jack Sheppard is hanged in front of a crowd of 200,000 at Tyburn.

  5. 42BC – Tiberius, whose legendary rule as Roman Emperor is marked by cruelty and debauchery, is born in Rome
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  • Dr. House

    kinda shows how dedicated his supporters really are

  • Linda

    I am sure that it was because the spammers for Ron or his Web bots overloaded his site and it crashed preventing anyone from donating. Surely Obama the great hope of the Demoncriks would have donated more than that measley sum…???

  • Worldviews Revolution

    I doubt it was the spambots. I’ll bet it’s racial discrimination! There should be a law on this somewhere… you know, requiring people to give equally to black candidates as to white candidates. No?

    Go Ron Paul!

  • Alex Libman

    To be fair, the “Barack Friday” thing wasn’t very well promoted by the campaign, the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. I’m sure they could have raised at least a few hundred thousands upon a serious attempt. But that just goes to show you how little grass-roots organization there is in campaigns other than Ron Paul’s.

    The difference between Obama and Clinton (or Rudy, or Romney, or McCain) in reality is very small. Ron Paul is the only candidate in a generation who can make real difference in Washington, and that’s why some of his supporters are going without heat this winter just so they could max out their $2300 donation limit!

    Many of us see Paul’s campaign as the “swan song” of the American republic, but nonetheless, we just couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t give it our 100%! And many of us truly believe in this country, believe that this country has a fundamental love of liberty and a spirit of individualistic goodness that has been hidden by the mainstream media and lost in the instability of the 20th century geo-politics, but is about to finally break out!

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  • Josh

    “To be fair, the “Barack Friday” thing wasn’t very well promoted by the campaign, the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing.”

    Well… the Ron Paul campaign didnt promote the 5th either!

  • JKHutz

    Truth of the matter is much much simpler and can be summarised as follows:
    1) Neither Obama (nor any other candidate besides Ron Paul) really has much of ANYTHING for a “broad” grassroots support out there (Compare here: ) and what little support they DO have is NOT networked or independent, but rather can communicate ONLY thru the campaign (translation, they are “astroturf”).

    2) The “Barack Friday” was NOT a grassroots effort, and it wasn’t even an “astroturf” effort — it was pure hubris and idiocy; designed, selected and promoted directly by the centralized Obama campaign.

    3) This type of “money DUD” will be repeated on the 20th by the Huckabee campaign (“Huck’s Army” is yet another “astroturf” set of supporters — they are by self-definition, “awaiting orders” from the main campaign… which among other things, violates FEC rules.) It will be repeated again on the “Day of Infamy” for Romney (Dec 7th) and if he makes it so far, on whatever day the Fred-Heads finally settle on trying…(though methinks by then they will give up). Only campaign that stands a chance of doing this again is the Ron Paul revolution with the TeaParty07 on Dec 16th.

    4) None of these other campaign’s supporters has any DEPTH — rather, beyond a small “core” of “true believers” (typically those pursuing some personal agenda or position) — otherwise their “supporters” have a pretty shallow level of commitment, and will easily switch to another candidate du jour.

    5) Hint, all of these other campaigns ACTUALLY BELIEVE the polls are a reflection of reality… they live in the self-delusion-land of Beltway politics and media. They sincerely believe that if they are polling at 25% compared to Ron Paul at 5% that they should therefore be able to *magically* raise 5 times as much money on a single day (when you read their supporter forum posts, they ALL drink this Kool-Aid, click their heels, and say “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!”).

    6) All of these campaigns, like the MSM, are totally “clueless” about how “Ron Paul *did* that” and think it was some kind of “technical – geek” type achievement — like the Costner movie “Field of Dreams”; just a matter of picking some random day and sticking up a thermometer — “make a flash thermometer and they will donate”. Their little party-indoctrinated brains just cannot comprehend that people would SELF-organize behind a candidate, that they would SELF-propel a nationwide movement, and that they would SELF-generate a donation campaign — something tells me if they try to think TOO hard about this, their skulls will simply explode (or maybe implode?)

  • Jay

    It doesn’t matter if he makes money from citizens or not, he’ spart of the ‘machine’, which is supported by the huge companies. Bastards!

    GO RO PAUL :)

  • Jay

    ^^^ RON paul :)

  • AngelaBridget

    Hola.! Feliz ano nuevo.!