Live from the Spartanburg County Republican Party Meeting With Ron Paul

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Welcome to the live coverage of the Spartanburg County Republican Party. For those of you following along at home, the event is being televised on CNN from 7:00 to 8:00. Dr. Paul will be intervied from 7:00 to 7:30 and will speak to the party starting at 7:30.

I’m going to try to capture this as accurately as I can but if anyone finds a mistake below, please let me know so that I can correct it.

7:00 getting started now. Rick’s introducing people in the audience. Primary for local elections is on the 10th. General primary on the 19th.

He’s now discussing Katrina and now taking about Bobby Jindal and his election to Senate from Louisiana, even though Bush was blamed for the problems.

December 1st is the next state meeting at the statehouse in Columbia. There will be panels and training at the event. Guess what comittee Rick’s on, media relations.

McCain will be in the Upstate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Locations to be posted if we can get them.

Fred Thompson will be in Spartanburg on Tuesday (the 6th) at 5:30 at the Beacon.

Dr. Paul will have phone banking in Greenville. Days and times to be brought to you at a later date.

The convention from April was not closed, it was recessed so resolutions are still open.

The resolutions commitee met. A quorom was present. The resolution commitee is still a live committee.

They Voted 5 to 1 on a procedural vote on how the committee would work. They will take up resolutions in non convention times if referred by a quorom (sp?) of the Executive Committee.

Vote to table the resolution on censuring Graham. Vote is 24. Resolution is tabled.

Dr. Paul is up now.

Campaign has been doing very well.. Was on Leno the other night. He was nice and gave a fair interview. Says that Tom Cruise is interesting and nice. Tom talked to him about several issues.

One of the great problems is that the government is taking over the responsibilities of the parent. The parent should be taking responsibility. He’s challenging No Child Left behind. That the federal government should be out of the schools.

After the big fundraising numbers, he has been getting more and more attention. They raised the money and it was still in the bank. It wasn’t planned. The money was coming in and they were being frugal. They got more than 5 million dollars worth of publicity out of it though. Average donation was less than 50 dollars. His campaign raised the challenge to raise 500,000 by the end of the quarter. Before he new it 300,00 had rolled in. Wound up with 1.2 million in the last week. Proves that Freedom is Popular.

People have said many times that they have been intrigued by his position on many policies but they were amazed when they saw his voting record. (he says what he believes and votes the same way)

We’re spending way beyond our means. We’re overextended overseas which weakens our national defense. Good jobs are going overseas due to the monetary system. We’re living on borrowed money. It’s not going to last. We’re borrowing over 800 billion a year over what we produce from foreign nations. We’re still getting away with it to a degree. People worry about China but he says don’t worry about that, their dollars will come back and that’s how they’ll invade. If they wanted to bring us to our knees, they could hurt the dollar. If you resort to printing more money to fix it, you’re in trouble. Lower interest rates are cheating retirees though. Wall street loves it though. Lowering interest rates means they’re speeding up the printing presses. By doing this they’re cheating people. He’s been talking about 30 years. Now when he goes places they cheer.

Inflation is really a tax. Income tax however should be abolished. If we want to transition and avoid the dollar collapse, then we have to cut.

Cut all the spending overseas and bring our troops home. Other countries are offended that we are building bases in their countries and we would be just as offended if they wanted to put up a base here.

On Social Security, his position is that if you want out, then you should be able to opt out and assume responsibility for yourself. Don’t defer to the federal level.

DHS is a huge bureaucracy. Some parts are important but large organizations are ineffecient.

Solve problems locally.

A free market must have a strong currency. Government does have a role to play. Free trade is good because you’re less likely to fight with someone you trade with.

It’s implied now that if you don’t go with the Democrats ideas of socialized healthcare, then you don’t care. That’s not the case.

He is a strong supported of freedom of choice in healthcare.

He doesn’t think our national security is enhanced in any way by being a part of the united nations and that we should drop out. NAFTA and CAFTA are unnecesary and the North American Union is bad. The government is responsible for upholding national sovereignty and our borders.

There haven’t been enough people in Washington that respect the Constitution. Lets go back to our roots.

He doesn’t like the idea that we have perpetual enemies. This just brings a sense of fear that causes people to give up their liberties for a sense of “safety”. Giving up liberties does not make you safer. The greatest threat is Civil Liberties are violated. Going into office, they take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC!

He is Pro-Life. As an OBGYN, he is responsible for both the mother and the childs life. He feels that there is a legal entity at conception.

The federal courts should be denied jurisdiction to overrule things done on the local level.


I should have live footage and video’s shortly.


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  • Russell

    Anyone see the CNN interview posted online yet? Being at the event, I couldn’t watch CNN.