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I found this information today on the SC GOP Website concerning the GOP debate in Myrtle Beach on Jan. 10. Needless to say, the normal joe may have trouble attending this event.

Individual Event Tickets

  • Debate Tickets $150 per person
  • A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner Tickets $75 per person
  • Behind-The-Scenes Debate Tour Tickets $35 per person
  • First Ladies Luncheon Tickets $50 per person
    **VIP tickets to the First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner and to the Pre-Debate Reception are available as part of select ticket packages only.

Palmetto Bronze Package: $200 per person

  • 1 general admission debate ticket
  • 1 ticket, A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner

Palmetto Silver Package: $250 per person

  • 1 general admission debate ticket
  • 1 ticket, A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner
  • 1 ticket, First Ladies Luncheon

Palmetto Gold Package: $500 per person

  • 1 VIP debate ticket (includes floor seating & 1 ticket to Pre-debate reception)
  • 1 VIP ticket, A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner (includes reserved seating & VIP reception
  • 1 VIP ticket, First Ladies Luncheon (includes reserved seating)
  • 1 ticket, Behind-The-Scenes Debate Tour

Mike Huckabee Will Pardon Hollywood

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Over the past week, we have been hearing Mike Huckabee’s name getting thrown around a lot. It has all been positive promotion which has me concerned a little bit. First of all, let’s go through his endorsements over the past week or so.

  • Chuck Norris
  • Rick Flair (“The Nature Boy”)
  • Congressman Bob Inglis (R- SC)

He already has picked up the endorsements of former SC Governor David Beasely, Former SC Governor Carrol Campbell’s family, and many others.

So what bothers me with his popularity. My wife and I were watching one of the news shows and they were interviewing Huckabee. They discussed his growing popularity, his love of rock and roll, etc. Well, at the end of the interview, he told a story about meeting Keith Richard (Led Zeppelin). Keith had mentioned he had a driving record (reckless driving charges) in Arkansas and the former Governor responded, well, you are talking to the person that can do something about it. At the end of his term of Governor, he pardoned him of his charges stating (paraphrased)

I’ll pardon anyone who can rock or play the guitar like he can.

Not only does this go to confirm that Hollywood gets special treatment, but I wonder how much more “special treatment” will Hollywood get with a Huckabee Administration.

Barack Obama’s “Black Friday”

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Barack Obama’s grassroots efforts failed tremendously yesterday. There goal of raising 5 million in 24 hours only garnered a measly $4,640. I can only imagine the Ron Paul supporters are laughing their heads off. And the media has yet to cover this event.

Just for the record, I’ve talked with many supporters of Ron Paul and claim that they chose November 5th because it was “catchy” and from the movie “V” for Vendetta.

So, I was curious as to what may have inspired Obama’s “Black Friday”. Why don’t the people choose the reason? Events are courtesy of the History Channel

  1. 1995 – In Britain, the Queen mother, aged 95, has hip replacement surgery in London.

  2. 1959 -Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ‘The Sound of Music’ opens on Broadway.

  3. 1920 -Bolsheviks defeat the White Russians in the Crimea ending Russia’s Civil War.

  4. 1724 – Notorious English highwayman Jack Sheppard is hanged in front of a crowd of 200,000 at Tyburn.

  5. 42BC – Tiberius, whose legendary rule as Roman Emperor is marked by cruelty and debauchery, is born in Rome

Why is Nobody Looking at the Iran & Iraq Relationship

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A few months ago, I reported on this about a conversation with my Congressman. It ended up being one sided, I have yet to get a response on my follow up questions. Look at this article to get a better understanding of what is going on.

I was watching the Democratic debate last night and many times it was mentioned that Iran may be helping with the insurgency, we need diplomatic solutions, etc. Yet, I have yet to hear one Presidential candidate address the two nations working together. As anyone considered the fact that their relationship is the reason why they are helping with the insurgency. That they truthfully do not want us there.

Will someone contact your Congressman / Congresswoman and find out what is going on?

All 50 States Sued Over Election Practices

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50 States Sued to Block Computerized Vote Counting

Federal Court to be Asked to Delay Primaries
No Voting Machines. Paper Ballots. Public Counting. Clean Elections. Liberty!

On November 1, all fifty states in the Union were sued to prohibit them from using any type of vote counting machines and to require them to hand-count and total all ballots in full view of the public. One hundred and fifty plaintiffs from across the nation contend that the voting machines and current election practices are unconstitutional because they are ripe for fraud, “hacking” and error and they effectively conceal the physical vote counting process from the public, thereby depriving all citizens of their Constitutionally guaranteed Right to cast an effective

The federal lawsuit, called the NCEL, National Clean Elections Lawsuit, follows documented failures of official state voting machines at the 2007 Iowa Straw Poll, persisting claims and statistical studies questioning the integrity of the 2004 presidential election, and the official de-certification this past August of virtually every major electronic voting system by the California Secretary of State. Numerous, comprehensive academic studies have documented the systems’ substantial vulnerabilities, including criminal software tampering, network “hacking” and vote fraud.

The lawsuit seeks an Order from the United States District Court prohibiting the use of all voting machines and requiring election officials instead to utilize paper ballots and to count and total all votes by hand, always in full view of the public. The court will also be asked to delay the 2008 Primaries pending resolution of these critical Constitutional issues.The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly defended these principles:

“…as equally unquestionable that the right to have one’s vote counted is as open to protection. . as the right to put a ballot in a box.” – United States v. Mosley, 238 U.S. 383, 386

“Obviously included within the right to choose, secured by the Constitution, is the right of qualified voters within a state to cast their ballots and have them counted. . . .” – United States v. Classic, 313 U.S. 299, 315

“Almost a century ago, in Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 , the Court referred to ‘the political franchise of voting’ as ‘a fundamental political right, because it is preservative of all rights. ‘118 U.S., at 370 .”
Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533, 562.

To learn more about the NCEL National Clean Elections Lawsuit, read the Complaint or make tax-deductible donation to help fund the lawsuit, please go to:

There is Nothing More Important Than to Save the Core of our Republic – the Vote! The Counting of the People’s Votes Must Be Open, Verifiable and Transparent

We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, Inc., 2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804 518.656.3578

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