Iraq is Sending American Oil to Iran

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A few months ago, I reported in another article that Al-Maliki and Ahmadinejad were having meetings concerning the state of their relationship. This was in the middle of August. After reading a few articles (sorry, I know it is a month later), I found that those talks were very successful. Links below if you would like to read for yourself.

What I find disturbing (based on our current foreign policy) is that Iraq’s Oil minister is to travel to Tehran at a later date to work out a deal with Iran to “carry oil from Iraqi oilfields to refineries in Iran”. Maliki also said “Iran has a “positive and constructive” role in helping improve security in Iraq”.

After reading that, I had to research to see if the deal has been made. Well, it looks like a few days later, the deal was made.

So all this sounds “good” but this is my trouble. We have a history (since the 50’s) of not liking a regime in the Middle East and “replacing” them. I’m sure there is logical sense to why, but, why are we having to continually replace the ones we supported?

  • Installed the Shah in Iran
  • Supported Saddam Hussein over Iran
  • Supported Afghanistan (Bin Laden) over Russia
  • Things have not been so great in Saudi either (we have not gone after them although they were the majority of the 9/11 hijackers)
  • Supported Al-Maliki after the removal of Hussein

If we are to continue on with our current foreign policy, then it would appear that the Al-Maliki government is next. Maybe because 100,000 barrels of American Oil (I mean Iraq’s Oil) per day will be shipped to Iran for refinement (Is America paying for it?). Not to mention that he’s an ally with a “terrorist organization”.

I have a proposal that may help end this mad loop. Several may remember or have at least heard President Kennedy’s speech declaring we will land on the moon by 1969. This was the beginning of the Space Race and several new technologies developed from this effort.

I would like to see Congress put pressure on the Administration to declare a “Space Race” policy to discover and implement an alternative fuel source by 2012. This declaration has to be made now, will you urge your Congressman/Congresswoman?


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