Greenville Executive GOP Members Censure Lindsey Graham

August 10, 2007 by  
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Unfortunately, I had to leave the meeting early and missed the call for the vote to censure Lindsey Graham over his positions on immigration. What I am able to bring light on though is the nature of the audience. Here is an overview of how the evening began and the resulting events.

Greenville GOP Chairman Samuel Harms had began to implement a new procedure to ease the voting process for committee members, resolutions, etc on this evening. All precincts represented had “green cards” (ironically, the green carders censured Lindsey Graham).

There are several individuals, including the Greenville News reporter Dan Hoover, who are claiming it was a small band of “RON PAUL Supporters” who led the censuring charge. The article can be found on The Greenville News website. Unfortunately, for Lindsey Graham and Dan Hoover, there are no known Ron Paul supporters that are a member of the Greenville Executive Board. And since I had to leave early, the opportunity for the video clips of the meeting and “censuring” were lost.

Although, Chris Lawton was still in attendance at the time of the vote, he was able to communicate to me that the group of Ron Paul supporters in the auditorium were silent. Before I had left, there may have been 7 sitting on one row outside of the committee member seating area. The other supporters were outside the auditorium staffing (volunteer staffing that is) a table to distribute Ron Paul materials.

With that said, there was no way a influx of Ron Paul supporters could have influenced the vote.

There are also individuals calling into question the validity of the vote. The questions arise around if there was a quorum present to vote. I have video of the quorum discussions at the beginning of the meeting. Unfortunately, sound quality isn’t the best, but you should be able to hear them. I’ll have those posted soon. Subscribe to to be notified when the video is posted.


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