Live Blog – Spartanburg County Annual Democratic Rally

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We are here from the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium to cover the annual event. Several speakers are to be heard tonight, including John Edwards. Stay tuned for Live Blog.

  • 18:21pm
    • Dinner is being served. Good ole southern BBQ. The house is getting full, the food line is out the doors of the auditorium. Expected turnout of at least 500. More to come shortly
  • 18:25
    • Liz Patterson (County Chairman) has taken the stage, said we’ve been praying for rain, and democratic wins, and we got one tonight.
    • Introduction of James Brothers (Music) from Welford.
  • 18:30pm
    • Spoke to a lady who remembers when FDR was elected. Mentioned Ron Paul and she said that he was an interesting candidate. Curious to see what happens.
  • 18:31pm
    • Broome Air Force JROTC will be presenting the colors. A few Iraq War Vets are here to speak tonight as well.
    • Ask for a moment of silence for our military servicemen and women in Iraq
  • 18:35pm
    • Several Senators have signed books in the back for a silent auction. The auditorium is packed. It is quickly approaching standing room only. Very diverse population of people.
  • 18:40pm
    • Several elected democratic officials and chairmen in attendance (Greenville, Union, and Cherokee County Representatives).
    • Obama group is having a hard time keeping their banner up.
  • 18:43pm
    • Introduction of David Mack (from Charleston) speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton
    • Pictures posted on flickr
    • It is so great to be a democrat!
  • 18:44pm
    • I like all the candidates, we have a team that cannot be beat
    • I’m supporting Clinton b/c of experience and electability
    • We need someone is #1 and on day 1 clean up the mess in Iraq
    • People wonder about all our problems, nothing will get better as long as we are spending $195m in Iraq
    • To much pride, corruption in current administration
  • 18:46pm
    • 1993 as First Lady, led effort for universal healthcare (small applause)
    • We have 45 Million American w/out healthcare
    • It’s on thing to want to get it done, another thing to have experience to get it done
    • Look at her Senate Record
    • Ask yourself, we have to elect someone who will bring people to the polls, nothing happens until people get excited. We know the other side of the fence will steal, so we need to make sure there is no question about the amount of turnout. We are going to win SC and the White House.
  • 18:49pm
    • Ashley Cooper is speaking or Senator Chris Dodd
    • I’m just a lawyer for Charleston, thanks for clapping anyways.
    • We are going to win the White House and take the State House back
  • 18:52pm
    • So many figures in the media are treating this like American Idol, but the voters are not, they want to get it right.
    • Senator Dodd one the only straw poll in SC, and gained the endorsement of the International Firefighters Organization
    • Kerry said they were the most influential group to help their campaign in 2004
  • 18:53pm
    • Senator Fritz Hollings stated that Dodd was very helpful in getting bills passed. He introduced FMLA.
    • These democratic principles will help in Iraq.
    • We have to get our troops out, what he told Dan Hoover on MLK weekend
    • He wants to invest the money back in the country
    • When in Spartanburg, he was told I don’t care about Democratic or Republican, I need to make sure I still have a job. What are you going to do about it. He introduced a bill to force China to value the currency at it’s actual worth. Working to encourage rebuilding the manufacturing base. (Larger applause for Dodd).
  • 18:57pm
    • Kathleen Turner (speaker for Barack Obama).
    • She is glad to be here. She has no affinity to the other party, nothing a bunch of white old men. We have a better selection
  • 18:59pm
    • She is trying to get the youth involvement, visitng USC – Upstate.
    • I’m asking them to do their research, not take my choice, but to get involved and make a difference. I believe Obama has a variety of good traits, and a lot to clean up when this administration finally gets the hell out.
  • 19:02pm
    • Trav Robertson representing Gov. Bill Richardson.
    • Richardson has been in Congress and was an Ambassador
    • This country needs a leader that has experience
    • Richardson is that candidate
    • He was ambassador to the UN
    • Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 4 times
    • We need a candidate that has experience, but needs a record of accomplishing things.
    • New Mexico well on their way to reducing emissions by 20%
    • We have a candidate that can talk the talk and put his money where his mouth is
    • He’s the moderate candidate that can attract indiviuduals from SC
  • 19:05
    • State Senator Glenn Reese (Krispy Kreme Founder) for Joe Biden
    • Senator Reese purchased the rights for everyone to park tonight, avoiding $5 parking fee.
    • Largest gathering I have seen in 17 years
    • Senator Hollings and Biden were close friends while in the Senate
    • He is a statesman. He was the keynote speaker at Dorman High School
    • An unusual person, he has the ability to meet you and shake your hand and make you feel like you’ve known him for 30 years
    • He is a servant of the people
    • Cleaning up the mismanagement in Iraq and do it properly
    • All of our young people going to college
    • only 17% of Spartanburg Country HS Seniors go to college
    • Biden is trying to provide a better way to go to college
  • 19:10pm
    • Promoting $3k income tax credit
    • Wants to promote new green jobs
    • Something has to give on the environment
    • Increase minimum wage, defended overtime wages (keep time and a half for more than 40 hours of work)
    • Need to take care of our Senior Citizens
    • Reduce the cost of healthcare (outside of Iraq, biggest problem)
  • 19:13pm
    • Several Senators are working on this problem
    • Lower healthcare costs for employers who provide “catastrophic coverage”
    • Reform insurance industry
    • Major problem from New Orleans to New York on coast
    • Most homes on coast has had the insurance rates have tripled ($300/mth to $1500/mth)
    • If they cannot get it from the coast, they’ll get it from the Upstate
    • Says he has tremendous Republican appeal (b/c they have no one worth voting for)
    • RON PAUL!!!!
    • Rudy’s kids are supporting democrats, what does that tell you
  • 19:16pm
    • When you criticize people, you’ll be tested…and we had one fail the test last week (Senator Craig). Never say NEVER
    • It’s fun to get a cheap shot every now and again, they done it so much in the past.
    • They spent 250K in 2000 and beat them like a drum
    • 2004, they spent 400K and I still beat them by 12 points
    • They take many cheap shots
  • 19:20pm
    • We are now awaiting for Senator Edwards to arrive
    • Do you know who is missing? I’m glad he’s not here…Rick Beltram (Spartanburg County Chair)
  • 19:35pm
    • Introduction of John Edwards by Liz Patterson
    • Sen. Edwards has not forgotten his roots
    • Out comes Edwards
  • 19:37pm
    • My wife is doing great and sends her love to all of you
    • Glad to be back in SC
    • Huge issues at stake
    • Is DC working for America, I don’t think it is
    • We have to be willing to take on the intrenched intrests in Washington
    • I have no doubt why Universal Healthcare is not here, b/c of drug companies and lobbyist
  • 19:39pm
    • Democrats must say we no longer take money from lobbyist
    • Seniors are struggling daily b/c lobbyist wrote the bill and they got what they wanted
    • Need to make it clear that we are the party the can make change
    • Need to publically finance our campaigns
  • 19:40pm
    • have 47million people without healthcare
    • story is not about statistics but the people
    • When is there going to be a President that stands up for the people
    • Everyone who comes thru, need to ask them does you proposal cover every man and woman? I believe that they should be equal
    • Needs to cover everybody. Ban pre-existing conditions, mental health, long term, dental, vision.
    • My healthcare plan states that you can do Universal Health Care for free, you can’t, repeal Bush’s tax cuts to pay for it
  • 19:45pm
    • Richest American’s are getting wealthier, every body else is falling behind. Bush has made the rich the biggest winners with globalization
    • What are we willing to do to help the everyday American
    • Congress finally raised the mininmum wage, should be $9.50 and on an index.
    • Need to strengthen Unions
    • Have worst savings rate in Industrialized world
    • Why would anyone go to a payday lender, what are we going to do to help those who need to feed their children….need to create a Payday Predator Law
    • Need “college for everyone”
    • Commit to work 10hrs/wk the first year, we’ll pay your tuition the first year.
  • 19:48pm
    • Must create more opportunities for our young people, they shouldn’t come out in debt from college,
    • We don’t need a surge in Iraq, we need it in New Orleans
    • This is a complete failure of Presidential Leadership
    • Went to Jackson Square and gave a speech, what has he done to help them
    • If President demanded action, there would be action
    • Instead of Haliburton being hired to build it, why don’t you hire the people of New Orleans to rebuild it
    • Brownies Law – Suppose you head an agency, you need to be competent to run the job
    • Gonzales is better late than never…last thing we need is Chertoff, who brought the problems with Katrina
    • America must address Global Warming
    • We are the worst polluter on the planet…use 22 million barrells of oil a day
    • Need to have CO2 cap and reduce those emmissions by 2050
    • Need to invest in renewable energy
    • DOn’t need another coal fire power plant unless we can capture the carbon
    • Need President to ask citizens to be patriotic about something besides the war
    • We cannot spend our way out of the global warming problem
  • 19:52pm
    • Bush has destroyed America’s leadership in the World
    • Must reverse damage
    • Must do some good
    • Must end the mess of a war in Iraq
    • ON the first day, I will close guantonamo, which is a national embarrasement
    • No more torture or spying on the American citizens
    • America needs to be the light
    • Instead of spending $500 billion in Iraq, what about primary school education across the world
    • What if America lead in stopping the spread of disease
    • Helping with economic development
  • 19:55pm
    • America cannot solve today’s problems with small baby steps
    • Must lead in a serious way
    • JFK “ask not what America can do for you today”
    • I will never forget where I came from
    • When I am the nominee, I will be in SC campaigning in SC to win the general election.
  • 19:56pm
    • We need you to help with these changes
    • I cannot do this alone, and don’t believe the fantasy other candidates will tell you
    • All of our achievements and movements started with you
    • The movement fixed civil rights, Vietnam and is happening today
    • I listen to Bush as little as I can get away with
    • We stand up for what we believe in and that is what we need again
  • 19:59pm
    • I’m running so every child gets the chances I had

This is the end.

August 2007 – Campaign Stops Update 1

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This week saw a flurry of activity in campaign stumping by the many Presidential hopefuls. Mitt Romney and Sam Brownback made stops on Thursday and Rudy released radio spots. Mike Huckabee is supposed to be in York and Upstate SC on Tuesday (8/21) and Wednesday (8/22). According to SC Politics Today, the Greenville stop will be at Tommy’s Ham House and the Spartanburg stop at the World Famous Beacon Drive-In. Sen. Barack Obama is scheduled to be in Conway at Coastal Carolina University on Thursday (8/23). Also on Thursday, Ann Romney will be in Spartanburg with Andre Bauer and SC State Senator Jim Ritchie at the Spartanburg County Executive GOP meeting at the Marble Slab Creamery on E. Blackstock Rd. John Edwards will be in Spartanburg on August 30th at the Annual County Democratic Party Rally. There is a cost for admission to this event. See the Spartanburg County Democratic Party Website for details.

I was able to see Brownback when he made his stop at Wade’s on Thursday. He spoke very well, but had a deep concerned look on his face though (maybe because he had an hour to get to the Charlotte airport so he wouldn’t miss his flight). There may have been 7 – 10 supporters there though. There were 5 Ron Paul supporters to show up including myself. I was looking forward to the opportunity to hear him speak and at least get a picture with him and my daughter. A few others came out to question him on his pro-life voting record where he voted yes on a few Planned Parenthood earmarked bills. He said he would research those bills. I hope to see the references soon myself.

I hope to have my video up soon. He said a few things that concerned me, but until I see the video again, I’ll refrain from commenting.

On the non presidential front, Congressman Bob Inglis will be doing his monthly “Let’s Talk” at Wades on August 27th (noon), followed by a Town Hall meeting at the Boiling Springs Family Resource Center on the 28th (7 – 8:30).

Bush to Label Iranian Guard as Terrorist Organization

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It looks like the Bush Administration is taking the next steps to make war with Iran. News released yesterday that the President is in the final stages of issuing an Executive Order that will declare the Iranian Guard as a terrorist organization. This opens the door for open attacks on the Iranian Guard according to orders put in place in 2001.

Dennis Kucinich wasted no time in exposing the deceit into this action.

This is on top of reports over the weekend of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meeting and working on Bilateral Relations. In reading the article, al-Maliki praises Iran for their efforts in the Middle East. I saw the report initially on CNN, but here’s the article from Al Jazeera English Edition.

I don’t know what to think of all of it. More meddling in foreign affairs and a possible Iran/Iraq relationship. I really do not know which is worse.

Iowa Straw Poll & Diebold Election Machines

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An intresting article on the diebold election machines and concerns over Iowa straw poll.


Greenville Executive GOP Members Censure Lindsey Graham

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Unfortunately, I had to leave the meeting early and missed the call for the vote to censure Lindsey Graham over his positions on immigration. What I am able to bring light on though is the nature of the audience. Here is an overview of how the evening began and the resulting events.

Greenville GOP Chairman Samuel Harms had began to implement a new procedure to ease the voting process for committee members, resolutions, etc on this evening. All precincts represented had “green cards” (ironically, the green carders censured Lindsey Graham).

There are several individuals, including the Greenville News reporter Dan Hoover, who are claiming it was a small band of “RON PAUL Supporters” who led the censuring charge. The article can be found on The Greenville News website. Unfortunately, for Lindsey Graham and Dan Hoover, there are no known Ron Paul supporters that are a member of the Greenville Executive Board. And since I had to leave early, the opportunity for the video clips of the meeting and “censuring” were lost.

Although, Chris Lawton was still in attendance at the time of the vote, he was able to communicate to me that the group of Ron Paul supporters in the auditorium were silent. Before I had left, there may have been 7 sitting on one row outside of the committee member seating area. The other supporters were outside the auditorium staffing (volunteer staffing that is) a table to distribute Ron Paul materials.

With that said, there was no way a influx of Ron Paul supporters could have influenced the vote.

There are also individuals calling into question the validity of the vote. The questions arise around if there was a quorum present to vote. I have video of the quorum discussions at the beginning of the meeting. Unfortunately, sound quality isn’t the best, but you should be able to hear them. I’ll have those posted soon. Subscribe to to be notified when the video is posted.


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