History and Military Arms

July 28, 2007 by  
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I have heard and studied abroad of multiple instances of selling weaponry or training foreign nations to use our military tactics and weapons, but I must ask…When are the idiots in Washington going to learn.

The first event that comes to mind is the placing of the Shah in Iran. We wanted another country more like America to deal with. America is still paying for that “intervention”.

The second event I can remember has to deal with the now infamous, Osama bin Laden. We trained him and his people to fight and withhold Russian advances. He then issues a Fatwah against America partly because of our military bases in Saudi Arabia.

And now the latest news…We are considering sellings arms to Saudi Arabia because of Iran. Precision guided-bombs, naval vessels, air-to-air missles and the patriot missile system (SAM).

As I said, when are we going to learn?


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