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Right now I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was meeting with a U.S. Representative yesterday discussing ideas on how to handle various issues in the House. Of the topics were immigration, energy, partisanship, Iraq and Iran.

An interesting discussion came up around immigration. What do we do? We had the ball rolling and a few Senators came and took the ball off of the playing field. So where do we go from here? I couldn’t go without being quiet, so I asked the Congressman why he did not produce a piece of legislation, go up to Nancy, and work on a bill dedicated solely to boarder security. And after that was in place, then attack the resident illegal alien issue. His response was if I did that, I could only get 25 votes in the Senate. Again, I said then work with the Nancy and any other Democrat to come to a solution. And his response is that they won’t, they do not want to work to resolve that problem.

I approached him afterwards trying to further understand “why?”. His answer was simple. The Republican Senators who yanked the bill off of the floor gave the Democrats a reason not to work with them. They can now say the Republicans killed the bill and use that to hang over there heads.

A heated discussion developed concerning the topic. A good friend of mine who was their was totally insulted and humiliated by another member in the audience. There was no regard for humanity. She was told that she had no more right in America or to things in this nation than her family because one of her family members had come in illegally. The individual said my family did it the right way and worked hard to get here and something along the lines of you don’t deserve anything from the government. Mind you, my friend is a US Citizen, and her family is not here “living the easy life”. My friend has received her bachelors degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education, and has just left her job to return to school to work on her Ph.D in Mathematics. Both her parents work their tails off and her brother is actively serving in the US Air Force.

In great motion of thoughtfulness, his Chief-of-Staff followed her out as she left to return to work (The Congressman was still mediating discussions) to get some information from her. This happened on Monday. Tuesday night this Congressman called my friend to apologize for the individuals comments and encouraged her to return the next month’s meeting. He also explained some of that individuals situation to her (not in individuals defense).

Who is this Congressman? His name….Bob Inglis. You can meet with him on the 4th Monday of every month at Wade’s. More information is available at his campaign website “Let’s Talk”.


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