Rick Beltram Response to Ron Paul Ban Article

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Here’s the original article from the Spartanburg Herald Journal concerning his statements of “shunning” or banning.

GOP maverick Paul shunned in Spartanburg


Below is Rick Beltram’s Response:

I certainly appreciate the HUGE number of e-mails from about 8AM yesterday until 9AM today. I also received a significant number of calls to our Party HQ! I can easily see that is has been a nation-wide effort to contact me. Some of you seem to already know me, through family members or my education background! I thank you for your sincere comments!

I attempted to response to as many as I could before we had our 4th of July celebration at my home!

Most of your comments were polite and well articulated! Positive dialogue is very important to all concerned.

As the GOP Chairman of Spartanburg County (since 1999), we have managed to be the most “high-profile” County GOP organization in the SC! We have succeeded at the ballot every election cycle over the past 10 years (even in 2006). Since, SC is a early primary state, we are fortunate to receive a vast amount of national attention. This job is a VOLUNTEER job and many times takes away from my paying job. (Foodservice equipment manufacturer)

We have had potential or actual 2008 GOP Presidential candidates coming to our County since February 2005. Many of them SEVERAL times! We have actually met 9 of the 11 current candidates and two (Frist and Pataki) who decided not to run! We have shown all of them a FIRST CLASS welcome!

The remaining two (Tommy Thompson and Ron Paul) have not been here even one time. Since the UPSTATE of SC is the key to the nomination, we are puzzled! We did contact both of these campaigns and the Thompson campaign advised us that they were concentrating on Iowa and not to expect them except for the May debate!

WE ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT THE PAUL campaign numerous with NO RESPONSE. Our neighbors in Greenville were equally frustrated! We have had huge public events including a caucus night where we had a LIVE straw poll on “Hannity and Colmes” 03/01/07). We had no support for Ron Paul.

We then had our County Convention on 04/21/07 and had no response from the Paul campaign although 7 candidates did come and make a presentation!

The first that MOST of us had any contact with Dr. Paul was at the State Debate on May 17th.


What we heard was a complete “slam” at the current administration and blaming US for the 9/11 horrific acts! This type of RHETORIC cannot be tolerated! Many of our local activists called me also during the “wild 4th” and complemented me on my most candid and accurate comments in the SHJ!


Many of YOU felt as if…..WE had completely MISUNDERSTOOD the comments……..

IF SO……we have an opportunity for all of YOU and the NATION as a WHOLE!

We, the Spartanburg County GOP will hold a low cost event (cover charge) for attendees to have a PUBLIC Q&A with DR. PAUL here in Spartanburg, SC. NO OTHER CANDIDATES!! THIS WILL BE YOUR TIME to convince us that have incorrect information about Dr. Paul’s political platform! This will cost your campaign 0 dollars….except for the cost to get Dr. Paul to Spartanburg and if any overnight accommodations are needed!

10 minute opening presentation by Dr. Paul

12 questions from the audience (to be pre-screened by us and your campaign)

Meet and greet

Total: one hour

We would expect huge media coverage as we have gotten plenty of attention for our prior events and our electorate is a “microcosm” of the RED states!

One stipulation…..we need to do this BEFORE AUGUST 15th…..after that we have many pre-planned events to include multiple candidates.


Hope all have enjoyed and I hope to see the challenge taken up.

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