Upstate Alive 2005

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An awesome event is coming to Lake Bowen Baptist Church (LBBC) in Inman, SC. On May 14, 2005, thousands will be converging to LBBC’s new amphitheatre for Upstate Alive 2005.

Several Bands are scheduled to appear including:

  • Building 429
  • NewSong
  • Shaun Groves
  • Rachel Lampa
  • Overflow
  • Chris Orr Band
  • Salty Roots
  • And Many More

For more information, visit regularly for more information.

Caterpillar Lawsuit – Ridiculous

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In a recent communication to Efia Nwangaza, 2004 South Carolina Senatorial Candidate.

Good Evening,

I understand there is going to be a global protest against Caterpillar tomorrow over the innocent death of Rachel Corrie.

I also understand that you wanted my vote in the 2004 elections to replace Senator Fritz Hollings.

What I don’t understand is that you want us to have jobs, yet your attacking a large employer in the Upstate that provides for their hard working employees. With your continued support of this haikus of a lawsuit, you are threatening the jobs of at least 500 people in Upstate SC, not to mention those across America.

Do you realize the precedent that will be set if the Corrie’s win this lawsuit. I guess I might as well sue the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office because they knew there was the slightest possibility that somebody would break into my house and possibly injure my family and they didn’t have someone there to protect me in advance. Maybe I should sue the audio company who provided the speakers and soundboard for a recent concert that I attended resulting in a loss of hearing.

But where is the condemnation of Russia and France for providing Saddam Hussein with weapons that were banned after Gulf War I. Why isn’t there a lawsuit and reparations being sought there? Approximately 1800 people have died for their countries, maybe their family should start seeking reparations from those governments for the deaths of their loved ones.

Are you beginning to recognize the precedent that would be set? An individual could no longer be held responsible for their actions, and the entire process would be completely screwed up because it would become a mere finger pointing game.

I thank you for your time and I hope you will take time to look at both sides of the coin. The precedent is large, and the consequences are insurmountable.