California at it Again

November 27, 2004 by  
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Happy Holidays to all!

I love school…I’m glad there are only 7 days left…and I’m FREE!!!!!

On the other note, I saw an interesting development today on Fox News. I don’t have all the facts to this latest story, but from what I was able to gather in the brief minutes of the news, there is a new lawsuit out that is challenging God in the Constitution. For those of you who have heard about this and as I dig for more news, feel free to comment. I’m interested and open for debate.

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving and have a Christ filled Christmas!

Gun Control

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I apologize for my absence over the last few days; I was spending time with my family, tending to college life, and last but not least, work.

On the other hand, I was reading the daily kos Jesus Loves Guns post. Before I go any further, maybe Mr. Earl Balboa should have worded his words differently, but it appears that the liberal left is still confused about guns. For the record, I am a Christian…I have a family…My duty is to provide and protect my family as Christ has the church. Now with all that said and all do respect to my fellow bloggers…

I do not desire to live in a socialist nation (Russia’s attempt resulting in Communism). I feel that American’s have the right to bear arms. Why can’t I own a gun to hunt with or protect my family with? I mean, look at the stats. Nations that instituted gun bans have seen an increase in crime. The UK and Australia are a few nations to do research on if you need more information. Now, lets look at guns from a logical perspective…

Lets say I own a handgun and I keep it in my house. Right now, one is still probable to burglarize my house. Yet, his fear is greater and will probably run if he knows it is possible that I have a gun in my house…and he could pay the consequences for entering. Now take away my gun by banning them such as other nations have. My burglar still has his gun and he knows that I don’t have one since the government took them away. Hey, there’s no risk…he can pop a few shots off, take control, get what he wants and then he’s out of there without a fight.

This situation in America, I can shoot him once he enters my house (other stipulations apply) and I am protected. In the UK for example, a man shot career burglars that had broken into his home and was he was sentenced to life in prison for protecting himself and his valuables. To top it off, the man had been repeatedly burglarized, and the police were of no assistance.

Just because there are a few idiots in this world…don’t take my gun. I have the right to protect my family and I might just enjoy hunting and cooking some wild game.

Politicians and Judges…Quit basing your decisions for our laws on other nations actions. We are a sovereign nation. Use our Constitution, our laws, and your gut feeling. I’m sure you don’t want your children dead because you couldn’t protect them, and I sure don’t want Paris telling me when I can go to war to defend my nation…more on this tomorrow

God in America

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I would like for you to consider two things. First, for what reasons did the pilgrims come to America? Secondly, where in the Constitution or its amendments does it state anything about separation of church and state?

I’ll let you answer the first one; hopefully the liberal media didn’t change this part of history in the textbooks yet.

As to the Constitution, the only thing I see is in the First Amendment, which states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

This was in respect to England which had an established religion supported by the taxpayers and denied privileges to other denominations. I don’t think this is the task of our President nor Conservatives.

All the Conservative side is asking that this nation that was formed “Under God” and has stood for 228 years to remember it’s grass roots and to continue to trust God in the decisions made for this nation.

Take a look at the nations who began recognizing homosexuality and accepting it in history. History repeats itself, but do you and I have to let it?